Shanghai Erli Industrial Co., Ltd. locate at Shanghai China, it is majored in production and trade. Since 2004,the company begin to machining and produce the hardware, plastic, communications cable, Textiles.70% of the products are exported to the markets of Europe, USA,Middle East, Southeast Asia. Our company have an enterprises, YuYao Communication Equipment Factory was established at 2005, it empolder the car and ocean shipping mobile communication electronic products,the most products are: GPS antenna, GSM antenna ,CB antenna, TV/DVB antenna,HF antenna, FM/AM antenna, Decorative antenna etc. The quality of product accord the standard of communication technic. The machining equipment and establishment are consummate. Our company is the ISO9002 certificated corporation, and the material have past the ROHS, CE test. Order to satisfy the require of the customers, we hope you can offer more information for the market and technic to us, if we get the stronger competitive capability, we can offer the content guerdon.